Is Pedophilia a Crime or an Illness?

Mar 5, 2019 by

By Dahlia Lithwick, Slate: We’ve never quite known whether child molesters should be treated as sick people or punished as criminals. On Sunday, HBO premieres Leaving Neverland, the new documentary that tells the stories of two men who say they were repeatedly sexually abused by Michael Jackson while they were children. The new reckoning raises the persistently tricky question: Should pedophilia be treated as a sickness or punished as a crime? After Jackson was charged with several counts of...

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The Pedophile Project: Your 7-Year-Old Is Next On The Sexual Revolution’s Hit Parade

Feb 21, 2019 by

by Stella Morabito, The Federalist: Activists for normalizing pedophilia are on the move. Public acceptance of adult sex with children is the next domino poised to fall in identity politics. It’s being sustained, among other things, by the rapid sexualization of children in the media and in K-12 education. We cannot dismiss the campaign to legalize pedophilia as fringy stuff that will get nowhere. It’s real and it’s here and it’s gaining strength. It’s a very logical outgrowth of the nihilism...

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Watch with daddies: BBC ‘equality’ drive embraces children’s story time

Feb 4, 2019 by

Modern fairy tales about same-sex parenting. by Ann Farmer, MercatorNet: As part of the BBC’s contribution to “LGBT history month” the singer Will Young is to read a story about same-sex parents on the CBeebies channel show Bedtime Stories. “Two Dads”, Mr Young told The Telegraph, is “the tale of a boy who has been adopted and finds himself happily raised by two fathers.” He continued: “Children’s books are one of the first ways we learn about the world around us so I’m overjoyed to be reading...

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The European Court of Human Rights Does Not Deserve Its Name

Jan 31, 2019 by

by Saied Shoaaib, Gatestone Institute: The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) recently ruled that referring to the Islamic Prophet Mohammed’s marriage to a 9-year-old as paedophilia is “beyond the permissible limits of an objective debate.” As Judith Bergman explained in the wake of the October 25, 2018 judgement, which was handed down seven years after “free speech and anti-jihad activist, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, was convicted by an Austrian court of...

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Steve Chalke, Peter Tatchell, Julie Bindel and the Creeping Normalisation of Paedophilia

Dec 17, 2018 by

by David Robertson, theweeflea: I am often asked what I think is the next step down the road towards sexual anarchy and the attempted destruction of humanity through the misuse and desacralisation of sex.  My own view is that polygamy is well on its way, incest is not too far behind, and what society once regarded as the absolute sin, paedophilia will eventually arrive. Today I was reminded of this through two men I have crossed swords with in the past – Steve Chalke and Peter Tatchell.   Lets...

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Making Pedophilia Respectable

Dec 6, 2018 by

by Rod Dreher, The American Conservative: I hope you’re sitting down for this. Thomas O’Carroll, a convicted British pedophile, has published an essay in a peer-reviewed academic quarterly arguing for legalized pedophilia. Justin Lee writes about the situation in his Arc Digital column. Excerpts: At 73 years old, O’Carroll has long been a bogeyman for both the left and the right — not to mention the children he has violated. To the right, he’s the perfect condensed symbol for the Sexual...

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