The rise of the liberal groomer

Apr 14, 2022 by

by Mary Harrington, UnHerd: Does progress have to mean the sexual liberation of children? Michel Foucault thought so, as did many of the now high-ranking Labour Party members who once supported the Paedophile Information Exchange. Sexual...

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We need more kink-shaming

Jan 17, 2022 by

by Brendan O’Neill, spiked: Warning: bad language. But we feel Brendan is saying what needs to be said – Editor Some of you perverts need to keep your fantasies to yourselves. If someone had told you a few years ago that in...

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Pedophilia is misunderstood, USA Today claims, then deletes tweets

Jan 12, 2022 by

from RT: The outlet has erased a controversial Twitter thread after major public outrage. One of America’s largest newspapers has deleted a social media discussion of pedophilia after stirring outrage by claiming growing scientific...

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Call a child rapist a “child rapist”

Dec 4, 2021 by

by Julie Bindel, The Critic: The recently released book A Long, Dark Shadow: Minor-Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity, does what it says on the tin. Described as “a crucial account of the lived experiences of this hidden...

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Paedophilia is not progressive

Nov 25, 2021 by

by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, UnHerd: Social justice campaigns have given up on morality. Now that safe spaces and universal acceptance have become the norm, it is fashionable to tolerate all kinds of proclivities and inclinations in the name of...

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Pedophilia takes a cautious step forward toward respectability

Nov 19, 2021 by

by Michael Cook, MercatorNet: […]  Another technological hazard is the morally devastating rubbish dished up to high school kids on mobile phones and the internet. Not that things were all that innocent in my day, mind you. The...

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