What will the world look like after the coronavirus panic ends?

Mar 17, 2020 by

by Jonathon Van Maren, LifeSite: In times of crisis, societies are forced to re-evaluate a great many things. In times of crisis, societies are forced to re-evaluate a great many things. In the face of the global coronavirus pandemic, we are already seeing choices being made that are an indication of what we value. Most countries, for example, are accepting the reality of massive economic damage in order to protect the elderly and the vulnerable. This is the right choice to make. Lives should...

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Coronavirus and the fear of death

Mar 16, 2020 by

by Jeremy Marshall, Psephizo: Jeremy Marshall writes: I know absolutely nothing about infectious diseases  or how to stop Coronavirus. I have no scientific or medical training. But I do know quite a bit about the fear of dying. Seven years ago I felt fear when I was told I had cancer. Four and a half years ago I felt intense, sickening, dizzying, overwhelming fear when I was told I had incurable cancer and probably had 18 months to live. I have lived with that awful fear of dying and death...

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Biblical Anthropology: A Reader’s Guide

Feb 19, 2020 by

by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch: Just what does it mean to be human? It is vitally important that we get the right understanding on what it is to be human. A wrong view on how we view humanity and personhood will often result in some very ugly results. Simply look at how the Nazis viewed human dignity and worth, and what flowed from that. The Christian believes that one’s understanding of anthropology will be determined by one’s theology. A bad view of God almost always results in a bad view...

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‘Eugenics is possible’ is not the same as ‘eugenics is good’

Feb 18, 2020 by

by Tom Chivers, UnHerd: I have a rule that I try to stick to, but which I break occasionally. That rule is “never say anything remotely contentious on Twitter”. No good ever comes of it. Arguments that need plenty of space and thought get compressed into 280 characters and defended in front of a baying audience; it is the worst possible medium for serious conversations. Richard Dawkins does not have the same rule, I think it’s fair to say. “It’s one thing to deplore eugenics on ideological,...

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The Philosophical Contradictions of the Transgender Worldview

Jan 29, 2020 by

by Ryan T Anderson, Public Discourse: The thinking of transgender activists is inherently confused and filled with internal contradictions. Activists never acknowledge those contradictions. Instead, they opportunistically rely on whichever claim is useful at any given moment. People say that we live in a postmodern age that has rejected metaphysics. That’s not quite true. We live in a postmodern age that promotes an alternative metaphysics. As I explain in When Harry Became Sally, at the heart...

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Today’s hot topic: Is being vegan a religion?

Jan 5, 2020 by

from The Conservative Woman: ‘ETHICAL veganism’ is a ‘philosophical belief’ and so is protected in law from discrimination, an employment tribunal has ruled. Jordi Casamitjana, 55, was sacked by the League Against Cruel Sports after disclosing that it invested pension funds in firms involved in animal testing. He claims that he was unfairly dismissed because of his ‘ethical veganism’; the League says he was sacked for gross misconduct. The judge at the Norwich tribunal, Robin Postle, ruled on...

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