Diwali, dechristianisation, and the nation

Dec 3, 2022 by

by Joe Boot, Christian Concern: It has been a chaotic and unsettling year in the United Kingdom socially and politically. Several Chancellors and Prime Ministers have slunk in quick succession along the iconic Downing Street pavement in...

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Green Party candidate suspended for agreeing ‘Eddie Izzard is a man’

Nov 30, 2022 by

from The Christian Institute: The Green Party has suspended its Sheffield Central candidate amid allegations of ‘transphobia’. Alison Teal was reported to her local branch after she raised concerns about Eddie Izzard being allowed to use...

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The World Cup and virtue-signalling

Nov 29, 2022 by

by David Robertson, Christian Today: […]  Gay rights. Yes, it is true that homosexuality is illegal in Qatar, as it is in another 68 countries in the world – and a further 128 do not allow same sex ‘marriage’. Are we...

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Britain’s squalid housing crisis

Nov 24, 2022 by

by Mary Harrington, UnHerd: The Tories have betrayed Beveridge’s dream of decent social housing. The Conservatives are doomed. But it won’t be Brexit that destroys the party in its current form. That’s ultimately a symptom of a far...

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Why Are There No DINOs? The Shameful Role of RINOs and CINOs in the GOP-Engineered Destruction of Marriage

Nov 23, 2022 by

by John Horvat II, Return to Order: No one was surprised when the misnamed Respect for Marriage Act passed in the House by a 267–157 vote last July. The Democrats held the chamber and voted as a bloc. Most conservatives, however, were...

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Qatar’s austere form of Islam under scrutiny from the press as World Cup kicks off

Nov 21, 2022 by

by Ruth Peacock, Religion Media Centre: The World Cup has opened in Qatar, the first Muslim-led country to host this event. Journalist Amardeep Bassey, who has trained journalists preparing to cover the tournament, says it has been mired...

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