Pro-life party ends 40 years of socialist rule in Spain’s largest region

Dec 5, 2018 by

by Gualberto Garcia Jones, LifeSite: The French philosopher Joseph de Maistre wrote that a counter-revolution is not the opposite of a revolution, but instead an active opposing revolution. The latest signs of the opposing revolution to modern secular globalism came on Sunday, when elections in...

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Google CEO To Testify Before Congress After Censoring Pro-Lifers and Conservatives

Dec 3, 2018 by

by Evie Fordham, Life News: Google CEO Sundar Pichai will testify before the House Judiciary Committee on Dec. 5 to answer questions about the company’s possible political bias, the committee announced. “Americans put their trust in big tech companies to honor freedom of speech and champion open...

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What 2018 midterms mean for pro-life, pro-family agenda

Nov 8, 2018 by

by Calvin Freiburger, LifeSite: As the dust settles from the 2018 midterm elections, pro-life and pro-family advocates are now turning to the question of how to advance their goals with a Congress split between Democrats and the GOP. Democrats took control of the House of Representatives Tuesday...

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I’m pro-life. And that means I’m against contraception and gay marriage. Here’s why

Aug 8, 2018 by

by Claire Chretien, LifeSite: When I first became pro-life, the solution to ending abortion seemed fairly obvious: just give people condoms so that there won’t be accidental pregnancies. I chuckle when I think about that now. But at the time it made perfect sense. I had yet to realize the deep...

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Pro-life stall thrown out of country show

Jul 23, 2018 by

from SPUC: Life is considering legal action after the charity’s exhibits at the Lambeth Country show were removed. Life had applied in January to have a charity stall at the show, and their exhibits focused on scientific images of life in the womb and promoting their counselling services....

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Strong, clear Christian witness at March for Life

May 8, 2018 by

by Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream. Saturday’s (5th May) rally in London in support of unborn children and their mothers concluded in a sunny Parliament Square, with a large crowd standing quietly, heads bowed, as Bishop Michael Nazir Ali read some well-known Scriptures as evidence for the...

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