Hundreds of pro-lifers rally in Philadelphia to call out Democrat ‘bully’ Brian Sims

May 11, 2019 by

by Calvin Freiburger, LifeSite: A lineup of leading pro-life advocates gathered in Philadelphia Friday morning outside of the Planned Parenthood abortion facility where State Rep. Brian Sims filmed himself berating peaceful pro-life activists, including teen girls. Over the weekend, the Pennsylvania Democrat posted a video in which he followed a woman who was quietly walking and praying a rosary, attempted to shove his phone in her face, and repeatedly called her her “shameful,” “disgusting,”...

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Glasgow Students for Life wins legal battle for affiliation to Students’ Union

Mar 21, 2019 by

from SPUC: A victory for free speech! Glasgow’s students union has said it will allow a pro-life student society to officially affiliate, after it was forced to admit that refusing the group permission breached equality law. A long saga Glasgow Students for Life (GSL) first applied to the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) for affiliation in October 2018. They were denied permission the following month. Following this rejection, GSL submitted an equality complaint, arguing that the...

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Lambeth forced to pay damages after Life slurs

Feb 20, 2019 by

from Catholic Universe: Life charity has welcomed the agreement by Lambeth Council to pay it damages following publication of libellous statements about its wrongful eviction from the Lambeth Country Show last year. Lambeth Council has also publicly apologised for making inaccurate statements about Life’s application for the event. In a statement read in the High Court today, Life’s lawyers spoke about the distress of its staff and volunteers at its unlawful expulsion on the second day of the...

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World watches battle between Covington boys and mainstream media – live updates

Jan 24, 2019 by

by Calvin Freiburger, LifeSite: New developments continue to roll in as America’s and much of the world’s attention has been captured by the confrontation between Catholic teenagers at the March for Life and a group of left-wing activists last weekend, which was quickly revealed to have been very different than initial characterizations of the event. […]  Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins has issued the following statement: What is amazing to me is how aggressively...

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2019 Washington March for Life

Jan 19, 2019 by

This March for Life, let’s vow to demand more than show votes from our ‘pro-life’ politicians by Calvin Freiburger, LifeSite: It’s that time of year again. All pro-life eyes are on the March for Life, Washington, D.C. is teeming with speeches and events, and of course, Republicans have pro-life bills to hold votes on….votes that nobody on either side actually believes will do anything. That’s not the bill authors’ fault, of course. The party of abortion-on-demand now controls the House of...

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Pro-life party ends 40 years of socialist rule in Spain’s largest region

Dec 5, 2018 by

by Gualberto Garcia Jones, LifeSite: The French philosopher Joseph de Maistre wrote that a counter-revolution is not the opposite of a revolution, but instead an active opposing revolution. The latest signs of the opposing revolution to modern secular globalism came on Sunday, when elections in Andalusia – Spain’s most populous autonomous community (similar to an American state) – handed the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) its first defeat there since the modern constitutional era (1982)....

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