Defence Secretary rejects Army’s Christianity-free Acts of Remembrance policy

Feb 12, 2024 by

by Tola Mbakwe, Premier: It’s been reported that the UK Army wants soldiers to stay away from using “religious elements” in Acts of Remembrance on Armistice Day. According to the Sunday Telegraph, the Army’s policies on diversity and...

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Church of England faces questions over acid attack suspect’s conversion

Feb 3, 2024 by

by Patrick Sawer, Telegraph: Afghan sex offender wanted over chemical attack had a priest vouch he had converted to Christianity to stay in Britain. Church leaders have come under fire after it emerged an Afghan sex offender wanted over...

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Religious Education Debate in the House of Lords

Jan 19, 2024 by

from Baroness Fox of Buckley, via X: Later today, we had an interesting short debate on Religious Education. My question was – who would be an RE teacher in a period of identity politics and Cancel Culture? The terrible treatment of...

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Pupils receive a tokenistic religious education, warn cross-party MPs and peers

Sep 18, 2023 by

by Louisa Clarence-Smith, Telegraph: Education Secretary urged to deal with teaching crisis in the subject’ Pupils are receiving “tokenistic religious education or none at all” at some schools, more than 30 MPs and peers have warned...

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Fall in A-level Religious Studies exam entries this year

Aug 18, 2023 by

from Religion Media Centre: The number of students who sat A-level Religious Studies this summer has fallen by 3.5 percent in England and 24 percent in Wales. 14,690 students took an RS A level in England in 2023 compared with 15,216 in...

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The Politics of Jesus

Aug 12, 2023 by

by Mark Tooley, Juicy Ecumenism: There is an interesting observation from Michael Warren Davis in American Conservative: For whatever it is worth, I strongly suspect that Russia will succumb to the Franco effect. By cynically allying...

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