How dare they call my Bible posters an anti-social act?

Sep 24, 2023 by

by Peter Simpson, TCW: ON September 9, 2018, there was a terrifying street brawl in the centre of Uxbridge, in the west London borough of Hillingdon. On reading about this incident I and a colleague in the Christian ministry felt drawn to...

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Christians, prepare to be persecuted

Sep 17, 2023 by

by Julian Mann, TCW: TODAY’S New Testament Epistle reading in the Prayer Book braces Christian people for the reality that they will suffer persecution if they are faithful to Christ. The reading is from the conclusion of the Apostle...

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Commission to investigate discrimination against Christians

Sep 16, 2023 by

from Christian Today: A Christian charity has put together a panel of commissioners to investigate the nature and extent of discrimination against Christians in the UK. The Commission of Inquiry is being launched by Voice for Justice UK...

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Home Secretary praised after stating ‘silent prayer is not unlawful’

Sep 9, 2023 by

by Marcus Jones, Premier: A religious freedom group is welcoming comments by the Home Secretary which appear to defend the rights of those who wish to pray outside abortion clinics. Suella Braverman has written to police chiefs in an...

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State prosecutor makes final case to criminalise “insulting” Christian speech as Finnish Bible Trial concludes

Sep 4, 2023 by

from ADF International: The Finnish trial of the Bible has concluded before the Helsinki Court of Appeal, where longstanding parliamentarian and former government minister Päivi Räsänen stood trial on charges of “hate speech” on account...

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This pernicious Bill to silence Christians

Sep 3, 2023 by

By Harry Blanchard, TCW: OF GREAT concern in Australia is the Communications Legislation Amendment (Combating Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill proposed by the government of Anthony Albanese. The Bill seeks to increase the...

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