Social worker denied ‘dream job’ after Christian beliefs discovered

Apr 2, 2024 by

from Christian Concern: This week, a Leeds employment tribunal will hear the case of a Christian social worker who was given a choice by a Stonewall backed NHS provider to ‘embrace and promote LGBTQ+ rights’ or have a job offer withdrawn....

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What the collapse of a Christian teacher’s employment tribunal has to do with the rest of us

Mar 28, 2024 by

by Julian Mann, Christian Today: The collapse of an employment tribunal because of social media comments by a panel member may look like a win against anti-Christian bias but actually the story is indicative of the grim future for...

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Why we don’t police anti-Christian hate

Mar 20, 2024 by

by Hardeep Singh, Artillery Row: Jewish and Muslim communities rightly get protections and attention from the government — but Christians are routinely overlooked In the last few weeks, the government has announced a considerable package...

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Tennessee Governor ensures no one is forced to conduct same-sex weddings

Mar 18, 2024 by

from The Christian Institute: The US state of Tennessee will now protect clergy and officials from being forced to conduct same-sex weddings. House Bill 878, which Governor Bill Lee has now signed into law, states: “A person shall not be...

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Christians face harassment in over 160 countries as restrictions reach record levels: Pew study

Mar 13, 2024 by

By Anugrah Kumar, Christian Post: In an alarming trend, Christians experienced harassment in 160 countries in 2021, according to a comprehensive study of 190 countries published by the Pew Research Center, which revealed that government...

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The challenge of being a councillor and a Christian

Mar 8, 2024 by

by King Lawal, Conservative Home: As I sit down to recount the tumultuous period that unfolded over the past year, it’s hard not to reflect on the profound impact a single tweet can have on one’s life. Until recently, my story was one of...

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