Nobody knows Nobody’s Friends

Aug 26, 2019 by

by Martin Sewell, Archbishop Cranmer: People of a certain age might remember that the motorcycle patrolmen of the Automobile Association was once a common sight on British roads. Members sported badges on the fronts of their cars which, when spotted, caused the uniformed patrolmen to salute you. If you were a member and your car developed a mechanical fault or puncture, technology being less reliable then, you could make your way to a roadside box, similar to a police box (younger readers,...

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Church warden who murdered 69 year old almost chosen for ordination training

Aug 11, 2019 by

By Cara Bentley, Premier: Benjamin Field, the son of a Baptist minister, was five days away from possibly being selected for ordination when he was arrested for murder. The 28 year old was found guilty at Oxford Crown Court of killing Peter Farquhar, a member of St Mary’s (Stowe parish church), in order to inherit his house and money. He also persuaded retired headmistress Ann Moore-Martin, a Catholic, to change her will in his favour and wrote messages on the mirror claiming to be from...

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Statement about the abuse of spiritual responsibility

Jun 27, 2019 by

Delivered at the Evangelical Ministry Assembly in Westminster by Vaughan Roberts, Sarah Hall and Andrew Wales, and posted on the ‘’ website. […] Our culture is rightly very sensitive to the abuse of power, as we have seen for example in the ‘Me Too’ movement. Many shocking instances have been exposed and, sadly, they are not just in the world, but also in the church – and not just in other sections of the church, but very close to home. Some are historic cases,...

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St Elisabeth’s response to Bp Stephen’s Ad Clerum on John Parker

Jun 13, 2019 by

by The Revd Steven Hanna: Many will be aware of Revd John Parker’s resignation as vicar and as governor of a CofE school in this diocese following safeguarding concerns over the school’s handling of an 8yr old boy wishing to transition to a girl. News first hit the media through the Mail Online article on 25th May 2019, here. There will be undoubted concern in Church of England schools up and down the country. Subsequent to this, after various media comment, Bishop Stephen responded on 4th...

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Church of England resists call for national safeguarding body

Apr 5, 2019 by

By Alex Williams, Premier. The suggestion of a new national body to oversee the handing of abuse allegations – as well as the protection of children and vulnerable adults – within the Church of England (C of E) has been rejected by leaders. The recommendation was made in a new report published by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) on Tuesday, which followed four years of research involving C of E dioceses and dozens of abuse survivors. In a statement the C of E told...

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Questions arising from the Independent Enquiry on Child Sex Abuse

Sep 27, 2018 by

by Chris Sugden and Vinay Samuel, CEN: We were very concerned to hear/read the report that the Church of England lead on safeguarding, the Bishop of Bath and Wells, told the BBC Sunday programme that the return of a PTO to Lord Carey was a mistake: “I regret it (the decision to grant the PTO)… because what I hear from the victims, the survivors, those who are particularly troubled by the church’s actions, that see this, …believe this to be something which has caused them more...

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