RSE is a ‘social experiment’ on children

Mar 5, 2020 by

by Carys Moseley, Christian Concern: Last Wednesday a meeting raising concerns about some aspects of Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) in schools took place in Parliament. The meeting was hosted by the Lords and Commons Family and Child Protection Group and chaired by Sir Jeffrey Donaldson. The meeting was well-attended and featured speakers with professional backgrounds in education and safeguarding. Importance of maintaining safeguarding Judith Nemeth, director of The Values Foundation,...

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This national child grooming programme must be fought

Mar 3, 2020 by

by Will Jones, The Conservative Woman: SEX education in primary schools is tantamount to grooming, in effect if not intention. That’s what MPs were baldly told by a head teacher last week. He explained it was doing this by lowering young children’s natural inhibitions. This moment of truth took place at a Parliamentary briefing organised by the Lords and Commons Family and Child Protection Group when head teacher Ed Matyjaszek (Mat-ee-ay-chek) from the Isle of Wight said: ‘We are in danger of...

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Are the Tories starting to row back at last over trans madness?

Mar 2, 2020 by

by Will Jones, The Conservative Woman: IN THE first signs that this government may take a different line on transgenderism to its predecessors, it is being reported that it will drop plans to make it easier for people legally to change gender. […] These problems in the medical arena are compounded in the educational arena, where transgenderism is being promoted in schools both under the guise of the new Relationships and Sex Education curriculum and elsewhere, as with the No Outsiders...

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The International Federation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice reports on recent conference

Feb 29, 2020 by

Anglican Mainstream’s Marrige, Sex and Culture group held an important event on Saturday 22nd February. The IFTCC Communications team was there. Matthew Grech reports…   

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This time it’s personal!

Feb 28, 2020 by

from Voice for Justice UK: The Revd Lynda Rose writes: On Wednesday, 26th February, Lynda was invited to speak at a Parliamentary Briefing on the subject, Does RSE harm children?  The meeting was by invitation only, aimed at MPs and Peers, and was chaired by the Rt Hon Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP.  It was not widely publicised and, most especially, my name was not mentioned. Be that as it may, the day before the event a savage attack was launched in The Times, singling out and condemning me for...

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‘Know your facts’ – concerned parents hear call to engage with schools over worrying Relationships and Sex Education

Feb 25, 2020 by

from Christian Today: Christians came together in London on Saturday to hear concerns about the harmful sex education being taught to teenagers and young children in British schools. The conference, organised by Anglican Mainstream, brought together a broad spectrum of campaigners, including two Muslim parents from Birmingham, where protests were sparked in opposition to the No Outsiders diversity and equality programme. Concerns among conservative parents of faith have been heightened by the...

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