CPAS endorses Evangelical Alliance’s affirmations on human sexuality

Jan 7, 2024 by

from Church Pastoral Aid Society, Anglican Ink: We are conscious that different evangelicals might apply some of these points in different ways, but we believe that, taken together, they reflect an authentic, mainstream evangelical...

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Infanticide advocate Peter Singer now championing ‘open discussion’ on bestiality

Nov 14, 2023 by

by Jonathon Van Maren, The Bridgehead: Whenever a truly reprehensible idea that manages to offend even the dulled moral sensibilities of the Western public is advocated, it is nearly always an ethicist doing it. To those unfamiliar with...

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Pansexual population was hugely inflated in census by ‘faulty coding’

Nov 4, 2023 by

by Ewan Somerville, Telegraph: Critics say the whole 2021 census is in question after it showed there were 110,000 pansexual people in Britain when there are only 48,000. The Office for National Statistics has corrected the census after...

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Where Are We Going and Where Have We Been?

Oct 6, 2023 by

By Peter Jones, Truthxchange. (Prof Jones shows how todays ‘alternate’ sexuality has a pagan spiritual basis) The cultural conflict is no longer simply political. The economic value of socialism or capitalism is no longer the...

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A review of Mark Vasey Saunders – Defusing the Sexuality Debate.

Aug 9, 2023 by

by Martin Davie: The Revd Dr Mark Vasey-Saunders is a Church of England priest who is the Academic Tutor at St Hild College in Yorkshire. He oversees the formation of part time and full time Anglican ordinands at St Hild Sheffield and...

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Stripped for Parts: The Destructive Power of Lust

Feb 13, 2023 by

By Chris Davis, The Gospel Coalition. What exactly is lust? For years I searched for language to help my own heart, and those I pastor, articulate its precise nature. Given that it’s a sinful perversion of God-given sexual...

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