Self-ID for transgendered people has been stopped for now. But the struggle for truth and sense continues

Sep 22, 2020 by

by Radical, Conservative Home: Last weekend, The Sunday Times reported that gender “self-ID” proposals originally put forward by the May government in 2018 will not be taken forward. We’ve written here many times about this topic, but it’s worth a quick reminder of the context, before we address this momentous news. Since the introduction of the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) in 2004, people meeting certain conditions have been able to obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC). A GRC legally...

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Equalities Minister confirms under 18s will be protected from trans procedures

Sep 19, 2020 by

from The Christian Institute: The Minister for Women and Equalities has told controversial trans lobby group Mermaids that she will continue to protect youngsters from harmful ‘sex-swap’ procedures. In April, Liz Truss MP announced that under 18s would be protected from making “irreversible decisions” while “still developing their decision-making capabilities”. Mermaids wrote to the Minister asking her to consult with transgender children and young people before she ‘clarifies’ her comments,...

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Statement from J.K. Rowling regarding the Robert F Kennedy Human Rights Ripple of Hope Award

Aug 30, 2020 by

Since I first joined the public debate on gender identity and women’s rights, I’ve been overwhelmed by the thousands of private emails of support I’ve received from people affected by these issues, both within and without the trans community, many of whom feel vulnerable and afraid because of the toxicity surrounding this discussion. Clinicians, academics, therapists, teachers, social workers, and staff at prisons and women’s refuges have also contacted me. These professionals, some at the...

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Understanding emerging gender identities

Aug 29, 2020 by

by Ian Paul, Psephizo: There is perhaps no more contentious issue in contemporary culture than the issue of transgenderism and the questions around gender identity. As a result, there are few issues which also divide Christians in their response; the culture wars in society cast their shadow across different Christian responses, not only in relation to theology and biblical interpretation, but also in relation to credible pastoral responses. Mark Yarhouse and Julia Sadusky are well placed to...

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Sexual insanity begins with language: These words don’t mean what you say they mean

Aug 27, 2020 by

By Anthony Esolen, Christian Post: We want to believe that our words can alter reality: we want to believe that we can, by linguistic magic, negate the Word through whom all things were made, and the things themselves. ‘‘You shall be as gods’’, said the serpent (Gen 3:5). Hence the battle in our day is theological, whether we wish to admit it or not. If a man claims to be a woman, which he can never be, and demands to be addressed as such, he is not merely asking for right etiquette. He is...

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Transgender aged seven; puberty blockers aged 11; detrans aged 18

Aug 20, 2020 by

by Archbishop Cranmer: There is an evil here which needs to be addressed. O, some will hurl ‘transphobe’, others ‘bigot’, and still others ‘homophobe’ or ‘hater’, but it still needs to be addressed, otherwise we insulate a cause of harm from critical interrogation; we cease to be able to assess the sociology and psychology or weigh the scientific data. And we are talking about children, for whom Jesus has a special place, so the matter must be addressed without fear of reprisal. A...

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