Tavistock Clinic to close

Aug 4, 2022 by

The headline on 29th July 2022: Shuttering the Tavistock by Bernard Lane, Quillette Why has the Cass Review commissioned yet more research on puberty blockers? By Carys Moseley, Christian Concern. The Tavistock issue is not over. Dame...

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Why the Tavistock had to fall

Aug 1, 2022 by

By Kathleen Stock, unherd: For years, the seeds of the Tavistock’s downfall have been hiding in plain sight, as a picture has slowly emerged of its clinicians doling out harmful drugs to gender-confused youth as if they were sweets. At...

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How did the Tavistock carry on for so long?

Jul 31, 2022 by

By Fraser Myers, spiked: That is surely the question on everyone’s mind following the NHS’s announcement this week that it will shut down the Tavistock Centre, its specialist gender-identity clinic for children and young people…...

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Why are Health Talk and Oxford University promoting GenderGP?

Jul 5, 2022 by

from Transgender Trend: Michael Biggs, Department of Sociology, University of Oxford. Health Talk and the University of Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Primary Care are providing advertising for private healthcare provider, GenderGP, a...

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Good and Bad News on Trans Tyranny and Terror

Jun 20, 2022 by

by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch: Some ups and downs in the trans debate: The agenda items of the left are a litany of destruction and devastation. It has always been this way, but the more recent trans revolution has taken things to a...

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How pasta made me a Terf

Jun 9, 2022 by

by Giles Fraser, UnHerd: […]  A few days later, James had his restaurant windows smashed in. Then he starts to get a succession of one-star online reviews, complaining that the restaurant is not welcoming to trans people. “A...

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