Keira Bell Deserved Better Than Puberty Blockers

Apr 13, 2021 by

by Kathryn Jean Lopez, National Review: One young woman’s plea to end child abuse — the medical experimentation on and mutilation of confused minors. ‘Do you want to be a boy?” Keira Bell says that’s a question her mother asked her when she was 14. She had been a tomboy in her youth, from a broken home. When she hit puberty, she suffered, as many a girl does, with the changes and the monthly physical pain. And when the question was raised more than once, she thought it might be her ticket out...

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Are the words ‘mum’ and ‘dad’ really transphobic?

Apr 12, 2021 by

by Michael Cook, MercatorNet: The latest report claims that the evidence for transgender medicine is ‘very low’ quality. This could be happening in nearly any city in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada or New Zealand. Let’s just use Melbourne as a test case. The North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network is currently running a campaign, #SpeakingUpSpeaksVolumes, which advises schools to avoid words like “mum”, “dad”, “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” to help to lower the...

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America’s creation of the transgender child

Apr 6, 2021 by

by Josephine Bartosch, The Post Millennial: As a cynical Brit, I admire the US can-do attitude. The American dream, the idea that people can be anything they want, is liberating and wonderful. But it has a downside. The idea of the self-made man or woman is taken very literally in the US, and accordingly a lucrative market for those who wish to change sex is booming.This is no-longer just the preserve of adults; over the past decade a linguistic shift from “transexual” to...

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When Sons Become Daughters: Parents of Transitioning Boys Speak Out on Their Own Suffering

Apr 3, 2021 by

by Angus Fox, Quillette: A few months ago, I was allowed into an online group of American parents of young men who have decided that they are in fact young women. I am neither a parent, nor transgender, nor an American, and therefore a tourist: there was an understandable hesitation about letting me in. In a few cases, such parents have been harassed, as they’ve left comments online that dissent from the received wisdom on transgenderism; in all cases, they are deeply wary of rights activists....

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Outgoing Nigerian Archbishop Excoriates Western Anglican Homosexual Practices

Apr 1, 2021 by

by David Virtue, Virtueonline: “If we change our stand, there is no going back. If we change our posture our members would stone us. It is not negotiable. It is not debatable.” The retired Bishop of Lagos and former Archbishop of Province 1 of the Church of Nigeria, The Most Rev. Ephraim Ademowo, blasted Western homosexual practices. He called homosexuality a “misnomer” and “abnormal”, saying the Nigerian Church is not with them [The Episcopal Church] and...

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Transgender children can receive puberty blockers if parents consent, High Court judge rules

Mar 30, 2021 by

by Nick Duffy, iNews: Transgender children can get puberty-blocking drugs without the need to go to court as long as their parents agree to the treatment, a High Court judge has said. The family of a 15-year-old transgender girl, identified only as XY, had sought clarity after the same court last year found that under-16s are incapable of giving their consent for hormone blockers, which delay the onset of puberty. The NHS Gender Identity Development Service, run by the Tavistock and Portman...

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