Chastity, Communion, Heaven and Hell

Mar 17, 2017 by

by Pete Jermann, Crisis Magazine:

Once regarded as a virtue, chastity is now largely considered a fool’s quest. Those perpetrating chastity’s demise depict its death as a victory for life and love. Yet the opposite is true; an unchaste world is one of self-absorption and death. In subordinating the procreational nature of sex to recreational purposes, an unchaste society will always produce children it does not want. In such a society abortion is not an option but a necessary solution. The newly discovered right to live one‘s “sexuality” cannot be freely exercised without displacing a child’s right to life. That these rights are incompatible should indicate something has gone wrong. To live our sexuality is, indeed, the most basic of rights. To follow where it truly leads is to pursue life itself. But those rights and the life to which it leads are not in erotic desires but in the true nature of our sexuality. Chastity’s redemption lies in the redemption of sexuality itself. Only with sexuality not defined by desire, will we then see that chastity fulfills its true meaning and restores every child’s right to life and love.

To understand this we must first reclaim today’s undefined sexuality from the ever-shifting clouds of desire and restore its earthbound meaning. Regardless of species, our sexual nature, by definition, pertains to the biological creation of life. The truly sexual begins with this definition. Seemingly sexual acts that controvert its inherently creative nature are not true sexual acts. These would include both contracepted coitus or inherently infertile acts, such as sodomy or masturbation. Without connection to the propagation of life they are aberrations of sexuality. To consider them otherwise separates sexuality from either definition or meaning. Removed from these aberrations, sexuality restores its role in the creation of life. In loving the life biology creates, our sexuality becomes both procreative and unitive. This inseparable combination distinguishes our sexuality from the animal kingdom and makes it truly human.

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