Christian death toll in Nigeria mounts

Jul 2, 2018 by

by Andrew Boyd, Anglican Ink:

The death toll from the latest attacks on Christian communities in Nigeria has risen to more than 200, according to reports from journalists in Plateau State.

Upwards of 200 people in mainly Christian villages are reported to have been murdered by heavily-armed Fulani herdsmen. There are ongoing claims that some of the Fulani may have been accompanied by soldiers.

Christian leaders say the attacks by heavily armed herdsmen amount to ethnic and religious cleansing. They also accuse the military of standing by and failing to prevent the raids. Some even claim collusion by Islamist elements in the armed forces.

Global Christian News quoted a survivor who claimed a soldier had been among the attackers. The 21-yr-old, named in reports only as Baddis, said he scrambled into the roof and hid when the raiders came. ‘I could see through an opening in the ceiling. There were three Fulani, but one was them was a soldier. My parents said, “We have no guns.” Then they opened fire and killed my parents, my brother and his wife.’

Herdsmen armed with guns and machetes have raided ten communities near the state capital, Jos in the past two weeks. According to reports, they burnt down every house in Nghar village and slaughtered more than 70 people.

The attacks were carried out by armed Fulani herdsmen, who killed 549 people across 14 states last year, according to Amnesty International. That toll continues to rise. The Fulani have driven many thousands from their homes.

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