Christian marriage group respond to civil partnerships for heterosexual couples proposal

Feb 4, 2018 by

by Cara Bentley, Premier:

 In a series of big changes to marriage law, opposite sex couples could be allowed civil partnerships and mothers’ names will now be added to birth certificates.

Although the latter of those proposals has been widely commended, Coalition for Marriage Chairman, Colin Hart says: “Extending civil partnerships to unmarried couples will profoundly undermine marriage. It will be seen as a low commitment form of the institution – a sort of marriage lite.”

The proposals would also mean traditionally-married couples would not be given a marriage certificate on the day and there would be an electronic register instead of an official one in churches.

Colin Hart added in a statement: “While denying couples a marriage certificate on their happy day does nothing to modernise the institution of marriage, or support husbands and wives, it just seems mean spirited. “

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