Christian opposition to TFL’s new gender-neutral greeting

Jul 15, 2017 by

By Tola Mbakw, Premier:

A Christian campaigner has criticised a move by Transport for London to start new gender-neutral announcements on the Underground.

London Underground staff have been instructed to no longer use the phrase “ladies and gentleman” when greeting and making announcements to travellers.

Staff will now use greetings “good morning everyone” to ensure that all passengers feel “welcome”.

Colin Hart from the Coalition for Marriage said making the change is a waste of money.

He said: “Re-recording TfL’s announcements to remove gender is a total waste of public money.

“Only ideological extremists could think that there was something offensive about the idea that the public comprises men and women.

“There is nothing offensive about the term ‘ladies and gentlemen’ – it is simply good manners.”

Hart also accused Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, of pushing an unwanted agenda.

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