Church of England will work with trade unions to hold business to account, Archbishop of Canterbury says

Sep 12, 2018 by

by Benjamin Kentish, Independent:

The Church of England will work with Britain’s trade unions to hold businesses to account, the Archbishop of Canterbury has said.

Speaking ahead of a major speech to the Trades Union Congress conference in Manchester, Justin Welby said he wanted to work with unions to “make sure the needs of people are put at the centre” of companies’ agenda.

Mr Welby said Christians should be “sceptical of accumulations of power” and that he wanted to “form new partnerships” with unions.

The Archbishop, who previously worked in the oil industry, will address the 150th TUC Congress on Wednesday.

In an interview with the official congress guide ahead of his speech, he said: “Holding businesses to account and making sure the needs of people are put at the centre is vital.

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