Church of Ireland general synod member ready to quit if gender stance changes

Jun 4, 2020 by

by Adam Kula, Belfast News Letter:

A man who has served for about half-a-century on the Church of Ireland’s general synod has said he will leave the church altogether if it recognises “non-binary gender identities”.

Dermot O’Callaghan, in a letter to the News Letter (see link beneath this article) said that if such a change in doctrine ever occurs, not only will he abandon his erstwhile spiritual home, but “I fear that God will leave it too”.

Mr O’Callaghan, who joined the general synod in around 1970 and is a lay reader within the church (meaning he can take services among other duties), was reacting to a News Letter exclusive on Monday.

The paper revealed that the Church of Ireland’s Church and Society Commission – chaired by Bishop of Limerick Kenneth Kearon – had called for the recognition of “intersex, transgender and non-binary people”.

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