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Order of Service

Full list of music being played at King Charles’ Coronation

Was the coronation sermon any good? by David Robertson, Christian Today

The problem with King Charles’s coronation prayer by Julian Mann, Christian Today

Welby will be the first Archbishop in 300 years not to pray for ‘the terror and punishment of evildoers’ by Peter Hitchens, Mail Online

God at the Coronation by M. Ciftci, First Things

Celebrities, monarchs, politicos, clergy and sacramental ghosts in coronation of Charles III by Terry Mattingly, Get Religion

Outward signs of invisible grace by Christopher Hatton, The Critic

The Coronation of King Charles III confronted us with our Christian heritage by Jonathon Van Maren, The Bridgehead

Against the odds, The King has proved himself a true Defender of the Faiths  by Charles Moore, Telegraph

What do Old Testament kings, the title of Christ, and the most sacred part of the coronation service have in common? by Martyn Whittock, Christian Today

The Northern Churchman Comments on the Coronation, English Churchman

Newer items at the top:

Surely Charles is King for such a time as this’: Bishop of Oxford says new King will unite all by Stophie Drew, Premier

The new and old King by Paul Goodman, Conservative Home

The Book behind the Throne, Christian Concern

Lean in to hear the echoes of history by Albert Mohler, World

What do Old Testament kings, the title of Christ, and the most sacred part of the coronation service have in common? by Martyn Whittock, Christian Today

What is the biblical basis of the coronation? by Nigel Rees, Christian Today

Compulsory coronation? by Sebastian Millbank, Artillery Row

The sacred Coronation by William Gulliford, The Critic

The King may be better placed at his Coronation than almost all his recent predecessors were at theirs by Sunder Katwala, Conservative Home

Profile: The Coronation, where the popular element in monarchy matters the most by Andrew Gimson, Conservative Home

The Ancient Royal Magic of the Coronation by Francis Young, First Things

Dieu et Mon Droit by Jude Russo, The American Conservative

Critics of a Christian Coronation forget the point of rituals by Michael Nazir-Ali, Telegraph

King Charles III’s coronation: what to expect this weekend by by Pauline Maclaran, MercatorNet

Public pledge of allegiance at coronation is an invitation, not a command, says Welby, Christian Today

A Coronation for All by Campbell Campbell-Jack, A Grain of Sand

Watch: Can King Charles 3rd’s Monarchy Survive the Coronation?  Gavin Ashenen, Ashenden Scripted

King’s coronation reflects how much society has ‘moved on’ since 1953, says former Archbishop, Christian Today

Lambeth Palace Publishes Liturgy for Coronation of King Charles III

Don’t kill the Coronation with trendiness by Madeleine Grant, Telegraph (£)

Christianity must be the one faith at the heart of this coronation by Peter Simpson, TCW

Our bronze age coronation rites seem to speak to a modern love of the sacred by Tom Holland, Observer

Crowning moment, The Critic Editorial

Pray for the republicans by Marcus Walker on twitter

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