Court transcripts expose extent of threat to Christian freedoms

May 7, 2019 by

from Christian Concern:

The outcome of the Felix Ngole case is imminent, please pray urgently for justice.

The result of the Felix Ngole case will change our society. We cannot stress enough what is at stake.

In 2016, Felix was expelled from his social work course for saying on Facebook that homosexual practice and other behaviours are sinful.

In March, Felix’s case was heard at the Royal Courts of Justice and our legal team were deeply disturbed by some of the arguments made by the University of Sheffield’s counsel, Sarah Hannett.

We have now obtained the full court transcripts and we wanted to share some excerpts with you and to ask if you can urgently pray.

The nature and language of the legal world makes it challenging to expose and communicate some of the concerning comments made against the Christians we represent. Comments can get buried in the detail or can lose their original edge as years pass and legal battles continue. We believe that what was said in this hearing shows how Christian freedoms and freedom of speech are hanging by a thread. 

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