Critics Miss the Point of the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’

May 12, 2018 by

by David French, National Review:

Writers like Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro appeal to the growing number of Americans who feel left behind by mainstream American culture.

It’s been interesting to watch and read the many critics of Bari Weiss’s instantly controversial piece on the leaders of the so-called Intellectual Dark Web. Rarely have more people more contemptuously missed the point. Rarely have more people inadvertently confirmed the need for a movement of intellectual free-thinkers.

Much of the criticism has centered on whether the few very successful, sometimes wealthy pundits who comprise this “movement” can in any real way be considered “renegades” or “outcasts.” They write best-selling books. Their podcasts are downloaded tens of millions of times. They appear all over mainstream media. Isn’t it just silly to believe that modern American political correctness in any way silences or inhibits their voices?

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