Dear Justin Welby, we’re looking to you for a stronger Christian voice on transgender issues

Sep 30, 2017 by

by James Mildred, Premier:

Following Justin Welby’s criticism of a Christian couple who removed their children from school after boys were allowed to come to class wearing dresses, James Mildred gives his opinion in an open letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury

Dear Archbishop Welby,

I listened to your recent interview on LBC and in particular your comments about the case of the Rowe’s and their six year old son. While I can appreciate the complexities of the case and your own feelings on it, I was staggered at what you said. Could you not find any words of encouragement to these two faithful Christians who are simply doing what they think is right? And do you really think it is right to encourage children as young as six to cross-dress? Is it right, under God, for Christian parents to expose their children to such behaviour which is the ultimate product of muddled thinking? Surely not!

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