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Mar 6, 2022 by

by Rod Dreher, The American Conservative:

At what point will state legislatures step up and actually do something to force publicly-funded universities to act like universities instead of woke madrassahs? Look at what happened at the University of North Texas the other day. when a Texas House candidate whose son was taken from him by the courts in a widely-reported transgender custody case came to speak to a class at the invitation of a campus conservative group:

From the Houston Chronicle:

Texas House candidate Jeff Younger, who seeks to outlaw transgender youth care, was driven out of an event hosted at the University of North Texas by protesters on Wednesday, March 2. The event played out on a thread from Twitter user Ismael Belkoura last night, who was posting photos and video from the event. Belkoura’s thread has since been taken down by Twitter.

Younger, who is running for Texas House District 63, was scheduled to speak at an event organized by UNT chapter of Young Conservatives of Texas. The room where Younger was to speak was filled by protesters who drowned out Younger and organizers with a “F**k these fascists” and “trans rights” chants.

The Post Millennial talked to the conservative student organizer of the talk. Scary what happened to this person:

For Neidert, the “most jarring part” of the event was after Younger had attempted to speak, which went on for about 45 minutes, and she and Younger had left the building. She was outside, Neidert said, a target of the mob, and was separated from police officers who were escorting Younger to a car.

“I was with two officers at this point and they pushed me inside of the closest building,” she said. “So we go in this entrance, it’s kind of the side entrance is pretty much in a stairwell. So we get in the stairwell, the policeman lock the door and then they run me off to the main hallway of the building. But down the hallway you can see one of the entrances. And there was just a mob of people outside.”
“I don’t know if the door was locked. I don’t know if it was unlocked and they just hadn’t tried to come in at that point,” Neidert told The Post Millennial. “But they were banging on the windows and so the cops understood like, ‘we can’t go out that way.’ And so then they turned me back around. They’re pushing me and we get back to the stairwell we came in and they have me running upstairs.”
They made it to the third floor, she said, and the officers were looking for an open door, “but the secure ones all seem to be locked,” she said. “Finally, we get to this janitor’s closet, and they push me in there, they put an officer in there with me, and then the other officer we were with at that point, leaves.”
“At this point, I’m in this little janitor’s closet with the officer and we’re kind of whispering us, making sure I was okay. He had me move away from the door. I wasn’t really hyperventilating, but I was definitely like, kind of like I was freaked out,” she said. The officer had her move away from the door.
“Then all of a sudden we start hearing doors opening and closing. Like it’s really loud,” she said. “We could hear that and so about the police officer turns the lights off. And we’re standing there in silence. Again, the light was off. I couldn’t really see but I do he had his hand on his holster. We start hearing people coming up, we just hear like shrieking, like just I don’t know how to explain, just awful, a person shrieking. When they come down the floor they jiggle the handle of the door to see if they could find us.”

This protest was documented by a sympathetic student, who deleted his Twitter posts when he realized Andy Ngo had retweeted them (too bad; they had been archived). Are there any UNT students present? Then expel them. They shut down the event and threatened people’s safety. If UNT will not do this, then the Texas legislature should start withholding funds. Enough of this garbage. The only way university presidents will start fulfilling their responsibilities to make universities places where there can be civil discussions, and even unpopular speech is protected, will be to hit them where it hurts: in the institutional wallet.

Neil Smatresk is the president of UNT. Governor Greg Abbott of Texas ought to have him on the phone Monday morning, demanding to know what Dr. Smatreks is going to do to make things right on his campus — and not being satisfied until he has concrete answers. Watch the video above: this is what happened on the campus Neil Smatresk controls. There are plenty of students identifiable on that video. Every one of them who can be positively identified ought to have their butts hauled into the president’s office and handed a notice of expulsion. They are unfit to be in a university.

This will not stop on campuses until there are serious consequences. There will be no serious consequences until (in the case of state universities) lawmakers compel them. The trans fanatics must be halted, without hesitation or apology.

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