Dirty Word: The NHS should ditch the woke propaganda and resume using the word ‘woman’

Jan 30, 2024 by

from The Times:

For a moment in March last year, it appeared that sanity had broken out in the health service. Steve Barclay, then relatively new to the job of health secretary, ordered NHS England and related health bodies to review their involvement with Stonewall. The charity, originally created with the laudable aim of fighting discrimination against the gay community, had been captured by the ­extreme trans lobby and was disseminating its ­unhinged ideology throughout government by means of a racket called Diversity Champions.

This involved private and public bodies, ­including Whitehall departments, universities and the BBC, paying thousands of pounds for Stonewall’s seal of approval as models of “diversity and inclusivity”. Rightly, Mr Barclay considered that the money flowing into Stonewall’s coffers might be better used treating patients. He therefore advised the health bodies not renew their memberships of the scheme. Scroll forward to now and NHS England is still in the grip of Stonewall’s deranged “gender neutral” language. It continues to exclude the word “woman” from its staff ­domestic abuse policy, as if it were a dirty word.

It is of course correct that domestic abuse can affect anyone. But women are overwhelmingly more likely to suffer violence in the home. No ­responsible literature dealing with the subject should impinge on this grim reality. But in its drive to be a “Top 100” Stonewall employer, NHS ­England insists on using language peddled around the public sector by the charity.

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