Do children need Stonewall’s LGBT inclusive teaching in primary schools?

Dec 15, 2019 by

by Shelley Charlesworth, Transgender Trend:

Stonewall recently launched an LGBT inclusive curriculum guide for primary schools, supported by the Government Equalities Office and Pearson. Here we analyse that guide.

Evidence came to light recently which proved without a doubt that the methods of trans activists are best defined as policy capture. The OECD definition of policy capture is:

The process of consistently or repeatedly directing public policy decisions away from the public interest towards the interest of a specific interest group or person. Capture is the opposite of inclusive and fair policy-making and always undermines core democratic values. The capture of public decisions can be achieved through a wide variety of illegal instruments such as bribery but also through legal channels such as lobbying and financial support to political parties and political campaigns.[1]

We now have proof that UK trans activist groups are knowingly acting in this way and advising others to do so. A report titled Only Adults? Good Practises in Legal Gender Recognition for Youth is a perfect example of the process. It was put together by three organisations: Dentons, a major international law firm, the Thompson Reuters Foundation, a huge and wealthy media body, and IGLYO, The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex Youth & Student Organisation. The latter is a pan European LGBT activist group formed in 1984 and based since 2009 in Brussels where it is funded by the EU, the Council of Europe and the Dutch government. It began life as the Dutch Gay Youth Organisation. Transgender, queer and intersex were added later. It currently has 5 full-time members of staff. [2]

The Only Adults? report is a manual for activists. The goal is to loosen the laws around parental consent for children and young people when it comes to changing their legal sex. It says:

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