Don’t lose heart. Always pray. Never give up!

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“Lawsuits, losses and turnarounds”: Canon Phil Ashey reflects on the sorry saga of St James, Newport Beach, California. From American Anglican Council Weekly Update.

In a news cycle dominated this week by the results of hatred and violence in Charlottesville and Barcelona, Spain, my heart and thoughts also turned to the news that my home church, St. James Newport Beach CA, has finally been sold to a developer. The Diocese of LA’s Bishop, Jon Bruno, contracted to sell the church despite his being under investigation by a disciplinary panel of The Episcopal Church. It seems that the developer plans to turn much of the current sacred space into a commercial café, its offices and Sunday school rooms into offices and conference rooms for businesses, and “rent-a-worship-space” for local churches. Frankly, it is heartbreaking.

As an attorney, I am tempted to dissect the injustices and corruption of this latest twist in the saga of St. James.  But I will simply defer to Allan Haley who has thoroughly exposed the greed that has driven both this sale and the unwillingness of the Diocese to undo it, the inability of the national church to do anything about it, and what that says about the character and future of The Episcopal Church USA.

Instead, I’d like to offer some personal observations about St. James and what we can learn from this saga…

…What is Jesus’ answer to his people who cry out when injustice prevails?  “Don’t focus on the unjust judges putting you off; don’t focus on the verdict.  Focus instead on the greater character of your Father in heaven who will bring about justice for you in his way and in his time!”

Don’t lose heart.  Always pray.  Never give up.

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See also how this may become relevant in Britain: Property claims by seceders, from Church Times letters page



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