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2017 Anglican Mainstream analysis and comment: A selection of editorial blog posts from Andrew Symes


The Church of England: The increasing dominance of revisionist theology. Reports and comment

Bishop of Chelmsford calls for “prayers of thanksgiving” for same sex relationships. A report and comment on the way Stephen Cotterell used his Charge to Diocesan Synod to promote his vision of “radical inclusion”.

Encountering contemporary liberal theology – in its own words. What is the vision of the Christian faith offered by the ‘Modern Church’ organisation? Should it be accepted as valid by evangelicals as part of ‘good disagreement’?

The ongoing influence of new Gnosticism among C of E evangelicals. Ten years ago it was Chalke, McClaren and Bell. Now a new popular spirituality for those who have ‘grown up and moved on ‘ from the old certainties of evangelical faith: the writings of Richard Rohr.

Transgender liturgies – why are we even asking the question? The call for Synod to approve prayers in church to mark ‘gender transition’ ceremonies is not evidence of new levels of compassion, but capitulation to pressure from the secular culture.

Synod supports ban on ‘conversion therapy’ – what it means. “This decision…was not made for reasons of Christian theology. It was made on the basis of fake science… fear of the LGBT lobby …and emotional manipulation by apostate activists within the church leadership.”

C of E’s new gender policy backs up ‘heresy’ claim. A guidance document for church schools, appearing to fully endorse radical gender ideology, is released just after Lorna Ashworth’s resignation from General Synod and Archbishops’ Council, citing ‘erosion of faithfulness’.


Some responses of biblically faithful Anglicans to what’s happening in the C of E 

Call to continue Gospel vision at thanksgiving service. A large gathering at All Souls remembers Mike Ovey, celebrates his life and pledges to continue building on his legacy. A report.

Unofficial Bishops, non-C of E Anglicans: fragmentation and schism, or new reformation? Analysis in the wake of the announcement of the consecration of Jonathan Pryke (Jesmond) and Andy Lines (Gafcon Missionary Bishop).

Following an apparent triumph by revisionists at the July General Synod: England’s orthodox Anglicans: agreed on Synod’s implications, divided on what to do.

A robust document is critical of the direction of the Church of England:  Have C of E evangelical leaders suggested that a Rubicon has been crossed?

“Don’t abandon the flock” – command from the Lord, or excuse for inaction? Examining the arguments of those determined to stay in the C of E whatever happens, who are critical of those exploring other options.

An option for ‘differentiation’ between orthodox and revisionists becomes clearer: Anglican realignment moves forward as AMiE conducts first ordinations 

Imagine: future conversations about differentiation – A fictional account of a meeting of orthodox Anglicans in England in January 2019


The global Anglican Communion, Gafcon and mission

Reading the Bible upside down. The global fellowship of Gafcon provides affluent Anglicans with an opportunity to look with fresh eyes at Scripture, still as God’s word, but from the perspective of the poor.

Local church and global mission. A couple return from long term service in Africa to teach their new English congregation about mission (fictional account, based on true stories).

Growth and decline in the Anglican Communion: a review of a book edited by David Goodhew. Much of interest, but the book refuses to mention Gafcon, or admit that growth and decline are linked to theology.

Gafcon events in England and USA. Report on the consecration of Andy Lines, and successful open meetings to promote Gafcon.

Faithfulness to Christ against the odds: the Anglican Communion and the global sexual revolution. A preview of the Canterbury Primates meeting, with some background to the challenges faced by theologically orthodox Primates.

Myths, misinformation or parallel realities? The thinking behind the Primates’ Communique. Given the divisions within the Communion, where does the language of ‘walking together’ comes from?

Early church, Reformation and Anglican realignment: making some connections. What biblically faithful Anglicans in Britain can learn from the Anglican Network in Canada


Gospel and culture 

Responding to Islam and religious pluralism. A report on Christian Concern’s ‘Cultural Leadership Symposium’ on mission in the context of living among people of other faiths.

After Pentecost: small miracle, big implications. Acts 3 gives the first example of  powerful religious institutions trying to control and domesticate Spirit-empowered Gospel ministry, but the apostles say “we must obey God rather than men”.

Learning from the parable of Tim Farron.  “Christians should be true to what the Bible believes and what Christ commands, and not try to water these things down to try to be more popular.”

Can biblical faith flourish in an intolerant secular society? Tim Farron and Bishop Tim Dakin give their answers.

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