Evangelical Anglicans warn they might walk away if CofE departs from ‘apostolic truth’

Jan 31, 2018 by

by Mark Woods, Christian Today:

An umbrella body for evangelicals in the Church of England has issued a stark warning of consequences for Church unity if it departs from ‘apostolic truth’ on sexual ethics.

The Church of England Evangelical Council (CEEC) comprises a wide range of representatives from within the evangelical tradition. Members are drawn not only from bodies noted for their opposition to any move to liberalise Church teaching, such as the Anglican Mission in England, but mainstream organisations such as the Church Mission Society (CMS) and New Wine.

In a document entitled Gospel, Church & Marriage: Preserving Apostolic Faith and Life released to its supporters and organisational representatives, CEEC says: ‘As we face many changes in British society and forceful challenges within the Church of England on matters of human sexuality and marriage, we believe it is important not simply to focus on these contentious areas of disagreement but to set them within a wider and deeper theological vision.

‘Our desire is for the Church’s teaching and practice to offer a vision of human flourishing which is faithful to Scripture.’

While the document does not explicitly mention homosexuality or same-sex marriage, its context is the continuing turmoil in the CofE about how far it should go in accommodating changing social mores. The ongoing controversy has effectively already split the Anglican Communion and the CofE’s unity is under pressure.

The document stresses the ‘gift of singleness’ and the House of Bishops’ affirmation that sexual relations are ‘properly conducted only within heterosexual marriage’.

This teaching is not an ‘optional extra’ or ‘adiaphora’ but is ‘apostolic and essential to the gospel’s transforming purpose’, it says.

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