Evangelicals to debate constitutional changes

Jun 15, 2019 by

from CEN:

THE EVANGELICAL Group on General Synod (EGGS)is to debate chaining their constitution at Synod in July.

Alongside a proclamation about the Atonement of Christ, they will also emphasise that God made people male or female and that marriage is between ‘one man and one woman’.

The Chair of EGGS, John Dunnett, told us:“Every now and then Constitutions have to be updated to keep them fit for purpose. EGGS is a member organisation of the Church of England Evangelical Council (CEEC) and the EGGS Committee is keen to see our basis of faith kept in step with that of CEEC.

“I am sure that our membership will welcome the opportunity to consider the proposed amendments to the Basis of Faith as well as to update our Constitution to more gender appropriate language,” he added.

But Anthony Archer, a member of the House of Laity for St Albans diocese and a member of Crown Nominations Commission and also a member of EGGS said the changes which the Committeeare proposing‘may well be approved’ but could be ‘controversial’.

“What they are saying is that you can only be a member if you are a certain sort of evangelical. I think this is tribalism writ large — a retreat into the bunker.

“The whole thing is to do with drawing a line in the sand on matters of human sexuality.”

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