Fertility Experts Demand UK Gov’t Pay to Freeze Eggs of Transgender Men Who Want Biological Children

Jan 5, 2018 by

by Samuel Smith, Christian Post:

Fertility experts in the U.K. are advising the National Health Service to provide free egg storage for women who are physically transitioning to look like men so that it’s still possible for them to have children biologically related to them after they become sterile.

To advance so called healthcare “equality,” transgender individuals would be given the opportunity to freeze their eggs, embryos and ovarian tissues so “there is still the opportunity for trans folk to have a child who is biologically related to them, through pregnancy or surrogacy.”

This comes at a bad time, however, as the NHS is already strapped for cash and has told doctors to cancel thousands of non-emergency operations this month because of funding issues and the number of people seeking treatment for the flu at emergency rooms during the winter, The Times reports.

As more people in the U.K. are opting to have gender reassignment surgeries since the NHS first began offering the procedures in 1999, The Telegraph reports that many NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups do not fund fertility preservation for transgender individuals who might undergo sex reassignment procedures that could render them sterile.

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