Former Brixton Prison chaplain ousted for ‘extreme’ Christian views

Feb 5, 2018 by

from Christian Today:

A former prison chaplain has claimed he was forced out of his job at Brixton prison after the Muslim managing chaplain there accused him of holding ‘extreme’ views.

Paul Song, 48, said he was dismissed because of false claims by a prisoner, according to the Sunday Times.

He had worked at the jail since 1998 but became engaged in a dispute with the Muslim managing chaplain, Imam Mohammed Yusuf Ahmed, who took over in 2015. Song says Ahmed told him he wanted to ‘change the Christian domination’ at the prison and that the courses he taught were ‘too radical’.

He was excluded from the prison last August and was told the following month an inmate had made ‘allegations of misconduct’ against him. Among these was a claim Song had described the prisoner as a ‘terrorist’ and referred to ISIS. No evidence was provided to back up the claim, which Song denies.

Song also claimed the prison management had told him Ahmed had said he had accused him of being ‘unfavourable to Christians’.

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Brixton prisons’ Christian chaplain ‘forced out of his role after an imam from the jail accused him of extremism’ claims inmates are forced to convert to Islam for protection behind bars, by Charlie Bayliss, Mailonline

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