GAFCON is the only game in town for faithful Anglicans, declares South American Primate

Apr 24, 2018 by

by David Virtue, VOL:

BELFAST, IRELAND: In what can only be described as a major blast at the leadership of the Anglican Communion and the direction it is being taken by Archbishop Justin Welby, the Archbishop of South America, the Most Rev. Gregory Venables told some 400 hearers at the launch of GAFCON Ireland, that either we have a gospel of affirmation, or the gospel of Jesus. “I am here because this is about life and death. If we are not saved by the blood of Jesus then we are lost eternally.”

“You know why GAFCON is toxic to so many people? Because they don’t like people saying no. They say, It’s rude. Yes, it is rude — it’s intolerant. Do you believe the gospel is tolerant? God loves everyone, but the gospel is intolerant — there is only one way, Jesus Christ. You won’t get there any other way. It is by Christ alone!

“At this launch we are saying we take God and his Word seriously… are you prepared to stand firm? Will you pay the price? I will take God seriously and take myself less seriously. It would not be right to say I am 90% faithful to my wife?”… I’ve been called to be 100% faithful to her, and she won’t accept anything else. And if I’m going to be 100% faithful to God, I’ve got only one thing to say to this present-day situation — ‘No’!”.

Venables said people may not like the word ‘GAFCON’ but it’s the only game in town for faithful Anglicans. “Believe me there is no other place to go if you are interested in the gospel. If you care about people’s eternal destiny, you have to make a church. There is only one way to be faithful – to have courage. That is what GAFCON is, he said.”

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