GAFCON Primates’ Communiqué

May 1, 2017 by

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A Communiqué from the Gafcon Primates to Members and Supporters

GAFCON UK statement in response to the Primates’ Communiqué

Challenge to CofE as GAFCON Anglicans appoint ‘missionary bishop’, Mark Woods, Christian Today

Responding to the Gafcon communiqué by Gavin Ashenden

GAFCON’s ‘missionary bishop’ – the spark to blow up Anglicanism?, David Baker, Christian Today

GAFCON pushes ahead with new bishop to support traditional marriage, Premier

Primus responds to GAFCON communique, Scottish Episcopal Church
Kevin Kallsen and Gavin Ashenden discuss this further (among other things) – scroll to around 9.30
Peter Jensen interviewed by Edward Stourton on BBC ‘Sunday’ (starts at 17:30 and ends 23.04, and follows Andrew Foreshew-Cain’s interview at 12.20)
See our earlier collection of article responding to the Archbishops’ call for “radical new inclusion here

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