Gender and a government that’s lost its census

Jan 22, 2020 by

by Caroline ffiske, TCW:

THE Conservative government’s capture by the transgender lobby is so complete that it seems to be planning to roll out the ideology to every household in the land. Via the census.

Final planning for the 2021 census is being undertaken by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Until now, information about ‘gender identity’ has not been collected by the census. People have been asked about sex in relation to being male or female. As the ONS says, ‘Sex is a core demographic variable, of fundamental importance for a range of census users providing vital information for national and local population statistics’. 

The sex question is mandatory and needs to be answered by everyone. However, for the 2021 census, under current plans, people will receive the following guidance as part of the sex question: ‘A later question gives the option to tell us if your gender is different from your sex registered at birth, and, if different, to record your gender.’

The ONS seems not to realise that probably 95 per cent of the population will have no idea what this guidance means. What is a hard-working family from High Peak to make of it? Actually, could anyone of us coherently explain what this means? The term ‘gender’ was adopted by feminist studies and used to describe the cultural and social expectations around being a particular sex. Across the last few decades the term has gained traction: most people, if they use it at all, use it as an alternative word for biological sex. Those people will read the guidance as saying ‘you can tell us if your sex is different from your sex’.

Of course, our Office for National Statistics is using the term ‘gender’ as the trans lobby use it. But why? Since when has the ONS and the Conservative government become an arm of the trans lobby?

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