German Left’s firebomb war on Christianity

Feb 17, 2020 by

by Dr Campbell Campbell-Jack, TCW:

THE media give the impression that the big danger of political violence in Germany comes from the Right with marches and demonstrations by Pegida and the rise of the AfD. Marches and voting success, however, are less dangerous to democracy than firebomb attacks by the Left on Christian individuals and organisations.

German pro-life journalist Gunnar Schupelius’s car was destroyed in an arson attack on December 31 for which the ‘Feminist Autonomous Cell’ (‘Feministische Autonome Zelle’ or FAZ) claimed responsibility Schupelius is a Protestant Christian and chief columnist for the Berlin tabloid journal B.Z.

In a letter posted on a far-Left internet platform, FAZ criticised Schupelius for upholding Christian values and supporting the international pro-life movement March for Life.

They claimed that Christian charity ‘applies only to those who submit to the concept of heteronormative worldviews’ and that Schupelius was targeted because by expressing biblically based views he served ‘as a spokesman for racists, right-wingers and reactionaries in all fields’.

They concluded their letter with a clear threat: ‘Gunni, since this is already the second warning, we would strongly recommend that you change your job.’

They revealed the journalist’s home address, stating that he ‘lives there with his children’.

Protestant and Catholic bishops condemned the attack in a joint statement: ‘We are shocked and outraged by the violent attack against the journalist Gunnar Schupelius and about the threats against his family.’ Noting that freedom of expression and human rights are the greatest asset in the country, the bishops said: ‘We strongly condemn all acts of intimidation and violence against dissenters.’

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