God Edifies Society—Atheism Destroys it.

Jan 29, 2018 by

by Tim Cripps:

Many sense that western civilization is in decline. Despite continual advances in technology, many feel pessimistic about their prospects. Somehow life is more stressful and less satisfying than it used to be, and all around us there is evidence of social dysfunction. Family breakdown is becoming the norm and children of happy enduring marriages often find they are the odd ones out in their school class. Meanwhile young people experience increasing peer pressure to engage in sexual experimentation, with which girls especially feel uncomfortable. Much of the current sexual ‘menu’ is of the sort that used to be condemned as perversion, and is a product of the enormous pornographic industry. Is it not a sad reflection of today’s moral malaise that a major proportion of internet use is accessing porn.

One overwhelming common factor in this downward moral spiral is the loss of belief in God. Indeed one uncannily prophetic translation of Proverbs Ch 29, v 18 sums up the situation exactly, when it says:” Where there is no vision of God, the people cast off restraint”. We are degenerating into an “Anything goes” mentality—or “If it feels good, go for it”—regardless of any moral misgivings.  But, those who push this agenda, in the name of “liberation” are unwilling to see that their promised Utopia is actually becoming more like Hell than Heaven.

This should not surprise us, as the historical record of societies in which God is not acknowledged is both disastrous and clear. Those who seek to impose atheism on society must face the discomfiting fact that atheistic regimes have been directly responsible for the deaths of literally hundreds of millions of innocent people. Whereas, it is the advent of an enlightened faith in God, particularly of the Christian God, that has been directly responsible for the redemption of society from barbarism.

You could go back to the Roman Empire before the advent of the Gospel, to examine an early example of a society, in which there was totalitarian rule and no awareness of a moral God. A quarter of the population were slaves, poverty and sickness were prevalent, and infanticide was common, especially of girls and of any baby born with visible defects. In summary, life for most was brutal and barbaric. One should see many parallels with today’s North Korea, but really the atheistic regimes of Marx, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro and all other communist dictators display the same amoral and ruthless disregard for human life. The totalitarian state assumes the right to trample on the individual in its misguided pursuit of egalitarianism, which George Orwell satirised so perceptively in his books, “1984” and “Animal Farm”.

Even more telling is the appalling record of perversion, moral degeneracy and tyranny that prevailed during the mercifully brief regime of the Bolsheviks. In pursuit of their Utopian goal of unrestrained sexual ‘liberation (aka perversion), they actively sought to eradicate Christianity, and to promote homosexuality. The predictable outcome was that, within a few years, society had degenerated into moral anarchy. Stalin perceived that this massive experiment in social engineering had been a colossal failure and he purged the Bolsheviks. Would this not go a long way in explaining Russia’s current opposition to the LGBT agenda, and should it not serve as a chilling warning to today’s activists, who actively seek, both to silence the Christian voice and to promote every form of sexual aberration?

Standing in tremendous contrast to this track record of destruction, is the immeasurable benefit that has been poured on society by the advent of the Christian faith. The concept that every man, woman and child is made “in the image of God” and is equally precious to Him, spelt the demise of slavery and of all oppression of women and any other people groups on the alleged ground of their inferiority. Had this truth prevailed in Germany, rather than the defective arguments of Darwin, concerning the evolution of superior species, Hitler could not have justified his “Final Solution” for the Jews. Similarly, if the Christian teachings on the fallen nature of human beings, had been accepted, rather than the atheistic socialist dogmas of egalitarianism, countless millions of innocent citizens would have been spared the horrors of mass starvation, oppression and the gulags. Furthermore, the societies undergoing these appalling oppressions and economic regression would have enjoyed huge advances in prosperity and individual freedom, as were seen, for instance, in the USA.

In the light of these indisputable historic facts, the millions of economic migrants flocking to nominally Christian Europe and the USA, should surely ask themselves why their chosen destinations offer incomparably higher living standards than the impoverished and often failed regimes from which they are so desperate to escape. Many should also reflect on why few, if any of them, seek to move to atheist or Muslim countries, and why indeed wealthy countries like Saudi Arabia have made no effort whatever to accommodate them. Could it be that many Muslim migrants are unwilling to admit the more compassionate nature of Christian societies and the manifest fact that even nominally Christian societies offer a more attractive life-style than prevails under Islam or atheism, particularly for women?

Is it not a great tragedy that so few British politicians, since Winston Churchill, have appreciated both the dreadful tyrannies of atheistic regimes, and the singular benefits of our Christian heritage and foundation. Like rabbits paralysed in the headlights, our leaders seem unwilling to challenge the strident and self-righteous clamour of the secular humanists. Thus the destructive juggernaut of Cultural Marxism advances unchecked behind its politically correct banners of “equality” for all, regardless of any traditional moral restraints that have served society so well for millennia. Orwell would quickly expose how, in this remorseless advance, it is the LGBT activists who insist that they are “more equal” than anyone else. Their loudly claimed ‘rights’ and intimidating intolerance effectively silence all opposition and cow the silent majority into resigned submission.

When, Oh when, will anyone have the guts to challenge these God-defying anarchists, expose their destructiveness, and extol the incomparable benefits of Christian ethics?

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