Good people who compiled the race report were torn apart for revealing a complex truth

Apr 5, 2021 by

by Kemi Badenoch MP, Equalities Minister, Mail on Sunday:

This last week has shown how difficult it is to have a nuanced discussion on race issues in the UK, especially when you belong to an ethnic minority, WRITES KEMI BADENOCH. 

The Commission for Race and Ethnic Disparities was set up last year following the emotional outpouring of Black Lives Matter and evidence that Covid-19 was having a disproportionate impact on minority groups. It was established to understand the root causes of these inequalities and to find solutions.

Its members represent a cross-section of people, all but one from an African, Asian or Caribbean background. They are not a part of the race-relations industry, but come from all walks of life and include a space scientist, a police officer and a teacher as well as Dr Tony Sewell, an educationist who runs a charity helping young black people into science and maths careers.

They are united in their desire to make this country a better place for everyone, whether they are black, brown or white. And their mandate was to produce recommendations based on data and evidence, not just personal opinion.

The way they have been treated since the report’s publication has gone well beyond the boundaries of robust debate, however. And this clearly highlights one of the reasons why conversations on race have become so toxic. The fact is that some people have made it their mission to punish any member of an ethnic minority who steps out of line and dares to give an alternative view. This creates a chilling effect.

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