Grassroots resistance grows to Scot Govt gender self-ID plans

Mar 8, 2022 by

from The Christian Institute:

An array of concerned women is uniting in opposition to Scottish Government plans to allow people to choose their own legal sex.

In a respected Scottish journal, Aberdeen University Professor Sarah Pedersen has documented the rise of an “army of women” ready to support those who call out the dangers of giving men access to single-sex safe spaces.

It came ahead of the Scottish Government tabling a Bill to make it much easier for Scots aged 16 and over to choose their own sex.

Danger to women

In an article published in the Scottish Affairs Journal, Prof Pedersen said that a national “constellation” of capable women had emerged in “direct opposition to Government plans”.

Participants in the research project included “women researchers, politicians, journalists and creative artists, and grassroots activists”.

The academic said that words “such as ‘danger’ and ‘alarm’ were used by interviewees to describe their feelings about how the proposed changes might impact on women’s sex-based rights”.

She said some interviewees believed that many “established women’s organisations in Scotland” were pandering to the Government over this issue because of their reliance on its funding.

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