Government consultation on transgender: should changing sex be simply a matter of ‘self-declaration’?

Oct 9, 2018 by

Resources from Christian Institute and Christian Concern.

Help stop sex changes on demand – your chance to speak out, from Christian Institute.

The Government is consulting on making it easier to change legal sex. It is asking about:

·       Removing any need for a medical diagnosis or two years living as the opposite sex, in a move towards ‘self-declaration’; and

·       Giving legal recognition to those who claim to identify as neither male nor female – so-called ‘non-binary’.

Please respond to the consultation by 11pm on 19 October 2018. A short briefing to help you can be found here.

As Christians we must show grace and truth to transgender people. We must hold faithfully to the Word of God – showing compassion but not compromising. The way to support someone who believes they are the opposite sex is to gently help them accept reality. It is not loving to endorse their misconception.

These radical proposals also threaten the safety and privacy of women and girls. There have been disturbing incidents in Canada and the US of abusive men pretending to be women so they can go into ladies’ changing rooms or even women’s shelters. A self-declaration system makes this easier.

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See also: Action alert: respond to the government’s consultation on changing transgender laws, from Christian Concern:

The government denies that gender dysphoria is a mental illness

Undermining safeguarding, the criminal justice and security

Threat to single-sex spaces

Churches could be forced into same-sex weddings

Threat to the nature of marriage

Forcing people to lie and punishing them for telling the truth

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