Historic judgment shows intolerance towards Christians

Jun 19, 2019 by

from Christian Concern:

Legal judgments continue to erase Christians from our nation’s public life.

In a historic ruling, a Christian magistrate has today lost his appeal against the Lord Chancellor and Lord Chief Justice’s decision to remove him from the judiciary.

Richard Page first faced discipline in 2014 for saying, in private, that a child does best with a mother and a father.

Today, a judgment upheld his removal from the magistracy, ruling that he had not been discriminated against or victimised because of his Christian faith.In a second judgment handed down this morning, the Employment Appeal Tribunal also rejected Richard’s case against the NHS Trust that had blocked him from returning to his role as non-executive director for expressing the same views.

In his ruling, Mr Justice Choudhury said it was not Richard’s belief, but rather the fact that he expressed his belief that led to his removal.

Richard will now seek to appeal these decisions, given its important ramifications for the freedom of Christians to hold and express their beliefs in public life. But we can’t keep fighting without your support. Your support means that we can continue to take Richard’s case forward, seeking justice and speaking boldly of Jesus Christ in public life.

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