Homeschooling during lockdown: breakdown or breakthrough?

May 22, 2020 by

from Christian Concern:

Janine Bell is the Country Coordinator for home education programme Classical Conversations UK and Ireland. Here, she shares how to deal with the pressures of home education and make the most of the opportunity to disciple your children during lockdown.

I realised that, after all my years of schooling and reading, I lacked the resources to answer the big questions of life.” Mike Matthews ‘Finding Our Way’ ‘Answers Vol.9 No.3 July-Sept 2014

Knowledge puffs up [makes arrogant], but love edifies [builds up].” 1 Corinthians 8:1

The brakes are on. Life has stopped. Lockdown hit. Like a broken-down car, we are stationary. Breakdown is uncomfortable. It is a time to consider our journey.

Following an uncomfortable breakdown, I have been on a journey these last ten years. I was losing my children. I looked at school, at work, at our lifestyle and it all looked broken. Our five-year-old was being throttled in the playground and due to competing interests, the school felt powerless to help. I was also struck by the massive influence school was having on the character of our boys. We developed a cycle of losing them to jungle rules in term time and regaining their hearts during the holidays – and they were only 5 and 7. The final straw came when we requested half a day’s leave to run an Easter Youth Houseparty five hours’ drive away. The Christian headteacher refused. Life did not add up. Broken, we began home educating in 2010.

As you survey your landscape from the hard shoulder, how is it looking?

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and see an example of why many parents might consider homeschooling:

Hull school ‘sorry’ after pupils researched porn homework on webfrom BBC News: “The work was given to children, aged 11 to 14, at Archbishop Sentamu Academy in Hull…Principal Chay Bell stressed the assignment did not require internet research…The work is part of pupils’ Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) learning, the school said. Parents complained…”

Hull mum disgusted as 11-year-old set ‘hardcore porn’ homeworkby Joanna Lovell, Hull Live

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