Homosexual-Turned-Pastor: What Gay Activists Refuse to Understand About My Ministry

Apr 7, 2018 by

by David Kyle Foster, VOL:

Why do they hate us? It is from love that we proclaim the good news that Jesus Christ can set the captive free. It is from our own experience, as ex-gays, that we shout from the housetops that anyone who wants to repent of their sin can be forgiven and healed from those things that have been destroying their lives.

No one is forcing anyone to do anything! No one in the healing ministry or even in secular therapy is giving lobotomies or shock therapy to homosexuals or imprisoning them in conversion camps. Those ideas are pure fiction invented by gay activists, who perhaps are subconsciously afraid that they might be living a lie. So they publicly employ scare tactics in order to hide from their own fears and to justify their ill-advised decision to remain as they are.

They certainly have the right to remain as they are, but they do not have the right to misrepresent and slander an entire group of individuals who only want to share the good news that has set them free from what is, overall, a very lonely and dangerous life.

Neither do such activists have the right to misrepresent the positive value of reparative therapy and Christian ministry for those who wish to leave the gay lifestyle, not only for the sake of their own emotional health, but for some, in order to respond to the call of Jesus to follow the moral teachings of Holy Scripture.

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