Homosexuality Myths Shattered in Asia

Dec 6, 2017 by

by Anita Carey, Church Militant:

A  ministry is helping to educate priests, religious and the laity to dispell the stigma of homosexuality in-line with conservative and religious values in order to heal families.

A three-day course in Thailand has the same goals so Catholics can seek help and overcome their unwanted same-sex attractions (SSA). A crowdfunding campaign has been started through the Biblically-oriented Funding Morality website to provide $250 scholarships for priests and religious to attend the three-day course.

“Only when their communities are educated and the community’s prejudice removed would they dare to privately ask for help,” he said. Church Militant spoke with Bryan Shen, an independent Catholic Lay Missionary and psychological counselor, who works with Catholic organizations in Asia, about the need for education on the subject of homosexuality. Shen explained homosexuality in Asia is a taboo subject, and people do not seek help for unwanted SSA, saying, “They dare not reveal what they are struggling with for fear of being admonished, derided, denigrated, demonized.”

Shen, who comes from Singapore, said he began working with the Camillian Order in 2011 to help them with “counseling programs for their minor seminarians.” Shen told Church Militant that priests are very highly regarded in Thai society, and parents often send their boys to the seminary where they hope they will become priests. “Difficult boys and boys from dysfunctional families are also sent with similar hopes,” he said. Shen explained further:

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