How Judith Butler’s gender theories sidelined women

Sep 16, 2021 by

by Raquel Rosario Sanchez, spiked:

[…]  Butler, like other postmodernists, promotes the idea that ‘discourse’ constructs reality. She argues that reality can be torn apart by subverting the linguistic categories used to describe privilege and oppression…

Helen Joyce’s ‘Trans’ exposes the false promise of gender identity ideologyby Helen Dale, CapX: It’s startling how much public discourse is being driven by trans activism and trans issues.


The ACLU morphs into the Ministry of Truthby Brendan O’Neill, spiked: The American Civil Liberties Union has erased the word ‘woman’ from a Ruth Bader Ginsburg quote.

Clinging to God and Grammarby Carl R Trueman, First Things:

[…] the trend of specifying preferred pronouns on everything from Twitter to business cards—a fascinating sign of our times. Even some Christians are participating. Whether people do it out of genuine confusion, positive commitment to queer theory, or in pre-emptive anticipation of it becoming the equivalent of Havel’s greengrocer shop sign in our brave new world…

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