I’m a woman of colour. DEI is just woke indoctrination

Apr 20, 2024 by

by Raquel Rosario Sánchez, Telegraph:

The pitfalls of diversity and inclusion drives are not theoretical to me – I’ve lived them.

This week, the Business Secretary Kemi Badenoch launched another of her eviscerating interventions on overzealous diversity and inclusion drives. Criticising proposals by regulators in the financial sector, she said such drives represent “a regulatory overreach” based on limited evidence. Among the proposals that were challenged was the requirement to compel firms to gather data based on people’s gender identity, which would not be “in accordance with the Equality Act” that cements sex and gender reassignment as protected characteristics.

Badenoch is not alone in her concerns that a well-meaning push to mandate diversity and inclusion within workplaces could be “counterproductive” and detrimental to employees, particularly members of minority groups that the initiatives are meant to support. According to a report by the Free Speech Union published in March, 36% of employees witnessed colleagues being penalised for challenging Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training. 31% stated leaving a job because of their employer’s promotion of ideology.

Sharing the findings, Thomas Harris, Director of Data and Impact stated: “There is no evidence the current approach is making Britain’s offices more welcoming, friendlier places to work, and plenty of evidence that it is turning them into a hostile environment, particularly for minorities and those who do not subscribe to woke ideology.”

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