Church of England minister Lee Gatiss receives vitriol online after leading national church service

Aug 12, 2020 by

by Cara Bentley, Premier:

Evangelical Anglican minister Lee Gatiss has reported a tweet that came across violent to the police but received many more of a similar nature after he spoke at the Church of England’s online service on Sunday.

Mr Gatiss heads up the Church Society, which aims to reform the Church of England with a focus on the importance of the Bible.

When he was chosen to lead the Church of England’s national service online, which has been led by ministers from various parts of the denomination since lockdown, he told Premier “there was a huge amount of vitriol on social media against me…

…The official theology of the Church of England was labelled ‘homophobic and abusive’, and I was called all sorts of names from ‘abhorrent’ and ‘disgusting’ to ‘ignorant’, ‘shameful’, and ‘a vile homophobe’…The idea of inviting me to lead the service was called a ‘spectacularly stupid decision’ which Satan would be proud of.”

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See also from Premier Christianity: In defence of Lee Gatiss. Thomas Creedy says the anger, consternation and abuse directed at the Anglican vicar over the weekend cannot be justified.

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