Interview: Reported to terror watchdog for preaching marriage

May 18, 2024 by

by Tony Rucinski, Coalition for Marriage:

The Rev Dr Bernard Randall, a Church of England minister, has faced severe repercussions for upholding the Church’s own doctrine on real marriage. Our conversation explores the motives and implications of his ordeal. You can watch the full video of our discussion here.

Rev Dr Randall shares his shocking experience, which followed a sermon at a Church of England school. In the sermon, he suggested that it might be acceptable to believe what the Church teaches about marriage and sexuality. He simply said: “You may accept the teachings of the Church of England on matters of marriage.” For this, he was not only dismissed from his position but also reported to a terrorist watchdog – an absurd overreaction for adhering to Church doctrine.

This case, he says, highlights how “the decline of religion in our society” has led to a shift away from Christian values. He emphasises the importance of “living by truth, even if you lose your job”.

Read and watch video here


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