Is hybrid church a loving way to make worship more accessible?

Jun 12, 2021 by

from Christian Concern:

As churches were plunged into lockdown early on in the pandemic, many were quick to move online, creating church services over Zoom, streaming live from YouTube, or uploading the weekly sermon to Facebook.

But as churches are now free to open to the public again, we’re asking, should ‘hybrid church’ be here to stay?

This week, we asked our followers on Instagram “is hybrid church a loving way to make church worship more accessible?” The responses were split down the middle: 48.8% said yes, 51.2% said no – which should give us a sense of how Christians are thinking about this important issue.

We asked our followers to elaborate on what they thought about ‘hybrid church’, and caught up with two church leaders to see how they would respond to the question in our livestream, ‘Church Unlocked: Hybrid Forever?

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