Is there a glimmer of hope?

Mar 2, 2024 by

from Anglican Futures:

On Feb 28th, Premier Christianity published an ‘opinion’ piece,

Rector of Holy Trinity Clapham, member of General Synod and a Director of the Alliance,

an informal network of orthodox groups in the Church of England.

The day after, Anglican Futures received this response

– which we publish here as “A Voice of Experience”


I am a fan of Holy Trinity Clapham and Jago Wynne.

I have attended HTC’s evening service and found it full of young people, full of life and full of the gospel. I have admired Jago’s reporting of things at General Synod to the church with the outsider in mind and marvelled at how sensitively he communicated about how prayers of same sex blessing were wrong for the church, to a mixed audience. But no person is infallible and I must profoundly disagree with his view that there are still ‘glimmers of hope’ for the Church of England despite the impasse that has just occurred in General Synod of February 2024.

The progress to prayers of blessing for gay couples has been a long march of revisionism. The liberals have been playing a long game, and they are winning. If they do not win one round of the battle, they regroup and win the next. This is why Synod is stuck: revisionists will not concede one iota in their plan to get full blown marriage services for homosexual couples in church. Prayers of same sex blessing are simply a staging post – they have admitted that.

The conduct of the House of Bishops has been deceitful and dishonest and disgraceful – concealing legal advice and the game plan. Thankfully, David Porter gave it away some years ago – the aim being to keep 80 per cent of the church, and be prepared to lose the ‘extremists’. His background is in negotiations in Northern Ireland.

The church however is not the world – one cannot split the difference between darkness and light, between truth and error. To do so is to fall into error, and darkness.

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