Is there a human right to a Brazilian wax?

May 18, 2018 by

by Laura Perrins, TCW:

Grab the popcorn and let me tell you a tale of identity politics.

Once upon a time, a man walked into a spa for a ‘Brazilian wax’. The only fly in the ointment here is that the man identifies as a transgender woman and the woman who carries out the waxing (a waxologist) is a practising Muslim who refrains from physical contact with males outside her family. Mind you, one does not have to be a practising Muslim to refrain from intimate physical contact with males other than one’s husband. But I digress.

The waxologist refrained from carrying out the Brazilian wax on the man, and as the only staff member who did male waxing was on sick leave there was no one else to carry out this task.

As such the transgender woman understood the difficulty of the situation and sought the Brazilian wax at another establishment that could carry out waxing on male genitalia.

No, that’s not what happened, of course. This is Canada 2018 so that means only one thing – litigation!

The undepilated person went straight to a lawyer to complain that the Mad Wax salon in Windsor, Ontario, had breached his human rights by denying services based on gender identity and gender expression and caused ‘immense harm to my dignity’. This, the person claimed, could be assuaged with damages of $50,000.

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